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Saturday 1st June - Machinery & Sundries Sale

Saturday 1st June - Machinery & Sundries Sale

Friday 24th May Store/Breeding Sale 11am Calves 11.30am

50 Ewes & Lambs 250 Store Cattle

Monday 27th May Bank Holiday Poultry Sale & approx 12noon

Birds accepted from 8am, sale following weekly livestock sale at approx 12noon Biosecurity and traceability Advice Biosecurity advice in advance of a bird gathering must include: (a) Birds must be health-checked before travelling to any gathering; and (b) a recommendation that any birds travelling from a gathering to any premises (whether they are returning to premises of origin or to a new location) must be isolated from other birds at that premises and health-monitored for at least one week and ideally 14 days afterwards; and (c) advice that the premises of origin for any birds attending a gathering must be registered with the Animal and Plant Health Agency on the GB Poultry Register or keep less than 50 birds (d) Entry to the gathering will be refused if the premises of origin is located in a disease control zone or disease prevention zone at the time of entry to the gathering and that this will be checked at entry. e) The Auction will not allow any cage, crate, basket, receptacle or other container onto a gathering which is visibly contaminated with bird droppings or other material of bird origin, other than faeces produced during the transportation of the birds to the gathering.

Deadweight Collection on Wednesdays for Cull Cattle & Prime Lambs ring Ian for price